Monday, 27 May 2013

Match made in eyelash heaven, They're Real! Benefit Mascara & Sephora Eyelash Curlers.

I've been meaning to put up this post for, well, a long-ass time now! (excuse my french) And as someone who has been on a mission to find a mascara to lengthen my short-pointy eyelashes, I think I can say, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I bought the They're Real! Benefit mascara awhile ago now after reading a lot of good reviews about this product. So one day whilst impulse buying (nothing new there!) I picked it up along with a Sephora eyelash curler. When I got home and tested this combo out I literally was beaming with excitement as a walked in the living room fluttering my eyelashes to Clément asking does he notice anything new (us girls love to keep our man on his toes with the "notice anything new?" test haha). 

Normally I'm not a fan of plastic/rubber wands but this one leaves just enough product on your lashes without clumping and separates them nicely. It really added the extra "wow" factor to my usually short and straight eyelashes and kept the curl from the Sephora eyelash curler in really well. If you are like me and have quite straight lashes I would definitely say curl your lashes for maximum effect with this product.

It's a little steep at €24 but definitely worth it if you're looking for the long lashes you've always dreamed of!

See you soon! 


  1. I really want to try that mascara, i heard so many good things about it. But the Sephora near me closed :(
    xx Stephanie (

    1. Omg it's nearly a crime for a Sephora shop to close down :( It's a little bit of an effort but maybe you could buy it online on their website, and then it'll be extra exciting when you find it in the post box waiting for you! :) x x

  2. I LOVE this mascara, it`s the best ever! And I always ask my boyfriend that too lol. He very rarely notices anything so if he does I know a product must be good.

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  5. I received this as a freebie with Elle and I do like it but I think it is too hyped up x

  6. Hi Katie

    I've tagged you to do the A to Z of beauty on my blog :)

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  7. It looks so magnificent! So very long, love it!

  8. I can not praise this mascara enough, I wore it last night actually, its just amazing isn't it? Love the blog too xxx

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  10. Your eyelashes look fabulous! Don't think i could allow myself to spend £24 for a mascara though haha.

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  11. lovely lashes! love that the mascara doesn't form clumps there <3

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