Wednesday, 16 January 2013

YSL La Laque Couture Rouge Pop Art Nail Varnish

This beautiful bright red nail varnish by YSL is definitely my favorite nail varnish I have ever owned.  I would never splash out that much on a nail varnish but luckily it was a gift from my boyfriend (Clément) at Christmas, and the the color is just perfect for feeling festive. Although Christmas is now over its still such a classic red that will be perfect all year round. YSL la laque couture collection also have a huge range of colours, from eye catching and bright tones to pale and natural. You will definitely be spoilt for choice. 

So, some facts about this nail varnish. It's formula is made up with Chil Rose Oil which is said to strengthen and moisturize nails and also prevents chipping. So it's not just for looking pretty! The packaging is gorgeous, from the bottle shape and the classic YSL logo, it would make any girl happy to see this in her nail varnish collection :) I can only say good things about it, it was so easy to apply, it dries instantly and it lasts for so long. 

Even though I'm quite rubbish at applying nail varnish, it could be mistaken for a professional manicure because its just so easy to apply. Definitely will treat myself to another color when I save up a few pennies. So quick, what are you waiting for! Go get one! :)