Tuesday, 29 January 2013

About me and Blog News!

Hey beauties! After a few days of scouting out new blogs to read I realized I loved to read the "About me" section of peoples blogs. My first blog post just went straight into a nail varnish review and I rudely never introduced myself. So hopefully after this post you might get to know me a little bit better and for me to get to know you guys too! I'd love to read your blogs and your story so feel free to leave all your links below and I will check them all out.

My name is Katie Clarke, no middle names unfortunately, just Katie Clarke. I'm 21, Gemini, and was born in the UK but spent most of my life in Ireland so I'm always up for the "craic"! I have an older brother and sister and my gorgeous mam who is a mother and best friend.

Me and mam when I was just 4 years old, sporting my brown uniform and full fringe

I was a late bloomer for makeup, I never wore anything until I was 16 and at this point I was a bit of a rocker so I was experimenting with black liner and eye shadows and at the time thought I was pretty darn cool (I have many a picture which reinforces I definitely wasn't). I have never done any make-up course I just enjoy make-up and beauty care like many ladies out there so the aim of my blog is just to share and enjoy some beauty chit-chat.

I met my boyfriend Clément in my little town in Ireland and was instantly swept off my feet with his french charm. Sadly the whirl wind romance was cut short and we had to endure a long distance relationship for many many months. After I finished my fashion and art course I took the plunge and moved to France and I'm so glad I did!

Clément et moi when I was lucky enough to be taken to New York with him and his family, amazing memories <3

Et voila, this is where my story continues, I'm embracing the French culture, swapping my good ole Irish spuds (potatoes) and Guinness for croissants and baguettes. I'm a very proud new parent (I don't really like to say owner) of our little bouledogue francais Holly, she is just the cutest.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave your links below so I can read all your lovely blogs!

My best friend Alison since I was about 8/9 years old,  missing her a lot in France :(


I have decided that I really want to have some structure to my blog, something to aim for every week and I will now be putting up a tutorial (hopefully!) every Friday. If you guys think a different day would be better please leave a comment! The tutorials will mainly be beauty related but I might spice it up once in awhile and if you guys want a tutorial on anything I'm open to all suggestions! In between the tutorials I will still be posting reviews etc frequently so don't forget to check back on those! See you soon!

Katie xox  


  1. Really enjoyed reading this ^_^ Your dog is adorable ! x

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now on bloglovin and GFC, hope you can follow back =)


    1. Yes of course! followed back now! love the name of your blog :) congrats on reaching 1000 subbies! xx

  3. Your little dog is so adorable! And weekly posts are some of my faves to read. :)


    1. Thankyou Trish! Just checked out your blog it's so quirky and different :) I will definitely be making some of those yummy recipes, I'm always looking for some new ideas :) merci! xx

  4. I am jealous of many things namely 1) you live in france 2) your dog!!!

    Sending you some blog love from one newbie to another :)

    Zoe x


    1. aww thank you zoe :) sending you some puppy love from holly as she tries to jump on my keyboard and type for me ^_^ and I'm loving your blog, you're posts are really interesting to read! love the one on deodorant.

      p.s I want your lovely hair! xx

  5. This was great, i love getting to know me posts! Going to France (Paris) for the first time in July and cannot wait, your so lucky you live there!

    Such a pretty blog :)
    Norelle xx


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Norelle :) Definitely go to the Galerie Lafayette for women in Paris, it has everything a girl could want in there, even if I never buy anything I just love to browse because it's so beautiful inside :) and French pharmacies are packed with skin care products, you've probably heard of the Bioderma cleanser that everyone loves so I'd really recommend picking up one of those because it's so easy to get your hands on one :) I've never been to Australia but I would love to go some day, it's on my bucket list! I hope you have an amazing time in Paris, it really is a magical city :) xx

  6. I enjoyed reading your about me... Its always good for a subbie to know about who is writing the blog and what they are about... Love that you live in france, i would love to go one day its def a place to visit on my list... Keep up with the blog, ill def follow and follow mine as well and keep in touch :-)

    1. Thanks Crystal! I just checked out your blog and your review on Benefits they're real mascara was great! Thanks for the review I will definitely give it a try when my mascara runs out :) I'm also now following! happy blogging :) xx

  7. Thanks for you coment on my blog gorgeous! i'm following you now :) i moved to France not too many long time ago ibet you miss home


  8. Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog! You have a beautiful blog, and i'm a new follower - look forward to your next posts! Your dog is way too cute! I have two little multi-poo's!

    Let's Play Makeup

  9. Browsing through blogs through HelloCotton and clicks later I find myself here on your blog! It´s my first time so I´m going to explore some more. I LOVE reading the About Me page of bloggers because it gives me a sense of what I can expect writing wise (light, funny, entertaining etc.) as I think the personality really shows through in the writing.

    Just wanted to drop a line or two or three... I´ll be following you HelloCotton and through Google.

    Daphne xx (http://cadadia-esdiferente.blogspot.com.es)

  10. I really liked your about me, it is so personal. I can't wait to follow your blog and read all your new posts.
    I am brand new to blogging and would love you to follow me back. my blog is http://emi-victoria.blogspot.co.uk/ any advice would be grate too :) Emi x