Friday, 1 February 2013

Easy Everyday Make-up Routine

Hey everyone! As I promised, this is the start of Friday tutorials! To start with I thought I'd do something I know best, my everyday make-up look, it's super quick and easy, no need for hundreds of brushes or 5 different eye shadows. This look is simple, natural and it get's me through those days when I don't totally want to scare people in the street when I go bare face. This look is just to bring out your natural beauty instead of masking it :)

no make-up, argh!

Nivea Visage Day Cream for sensitive skin
It felt a little scary to put a picture up of myself with no make-up, but then I realized its not such a big deal. Every girl feels the same way, and there's nothing to feel bad about. Beauty comes from the kind things we do for others, and it's not measured in the amount of make-up I have on. I know that sounds a bit cheesy but I really do believe that. So lets embrace the naked face! You're all beautiful ladies :)

Sephora Eyebrow pencil in 01 blonde and Sephora foundation brush

 This is one of the two brushes I use in this look, I bought it from Sephora and it's their own line of brushes. I have to say I absolutely love it, it might lose a hair now and then, but it's really soft against the skin and buffs in foundation lovely. As you can see I start in the centre of my face and I apply a pump on the back of my hand, sometimes two, and work my way from the centre to the hairline and jaw line so I'm not left with ny harsh edges.

Bourjois brush concealer in beige
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in number 52

Here I've hidden those sexy under eye circles with Bourjois Healthy Mix brush concealer and tapped gently with my finger to blend. Next I fill in my brows, I havn't quite perfected them yet, and I desperately need an eyebrow palette because I'm currently using an eyebrow pencil and it's not exactly the right colour for me. So this is what I do for now to fill in places of my brows which are lighter than other parts. has a great post on this, and has beautiful eyebrows herself so I'd really reccomend popping over there if your in need of some eyebrows help like me!

Rimmel Glam Eyes in 130 Tribute

I have then used my rimmel Glam Eyes all over the lid in this beautiful colour, it's a bronze colour with a purple under tone to it so it's beautiful for green and blue eyes. It's been in my make-up bag for so long and I totally forgot about it, then I popped it on one day and now I'm in love all over again! I used just a normal eye shadow brush that I bought from the Gallerie La Fayette, so any eye shadow brush is good for this. I lay the colour in the centre and outer part of my lid and then I gently blended it into the inner corner and up into the socket of my eye. 

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara

 I use Lancome Doll eyes masacara to really open up my eyes and lengthen my lashes without clumping. The brush is just perfect! check out my January favourites where I mentioned this amazing product.

Maybelline Dream Touch blush number 05

Before I apply the lipgloss I take the tiniest dab of blush on my finger,  apply it to the apples of my cheeks and then blend slightly upwards onto the cheekbone, if I think it's too much I use a finger with no product and blend a bit more until I have achieved a soft flushed look on the cheeks. (sorry I forgot to take a picture of this stage, forgive me!)

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Bourjois Powder Brush

 I then go on to powder the centre of my face with Rimmels stay Matte powder with my powder brush by Bourjois. I love this powder, it does'nt leave any cakey effect to your foundation but keeps the places you want matte all day long!

Bourjois 3D Effect lip gloss in number 51

Swatches of Maybelline Touch Blush and Bourjois 3D effect lipgloss 
Swatch of Rimmel Glam Eyes in 130 Tribute

This lip gloss by bourjois is really subtle and pretty for everyday wear. It does have a slightly sticky feeling to it, but its so glossy I just love it anyway and it only has the slightest pink pigment running through it so I think it's just so flattering on the lips.

And thats it! Easy as that! It's almost a no make-up make-up look, just a fresh and awake look for day to day. You can add your favourite product for lips with a more colour if you prefer than an almost total nude lip or you can just wear a yummy lip balm which I do most of the time! Hope you enjoyed this look. I'd love to know what are your everyday go-to products so please leave a comment! And if you have done an everyday make-up post I'd love to see so leave all your lovely blog links below!

Hope you have a great weekend everyone :)   See you soon!

Katie xox 


  1. What a pretty, natural, everyday look! Your face is like a breath of fresh have a great complexion! I really enjoyed reading this!

    1. Aww Selene thank you so much for your kind words :) It really means so much, it has made my day! xx

  2. wow, looks gorgeous! love how minimal effort it is! x

    1. Thank you Hanzy! It's hard for us girls to do our make-up everyday so this is a good lazy option hehe :) I'd love to know what are your favourite everyday products too! xx

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    1. Wow thank you Carrie! I'm so excited to be nominated! xxxx

  4. aah, you look so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  5. Hi Katie, I discoved your blog through google+. I love this post, rimmel Glam Eyes eyeshadow looks amazing on you. I'm your newest member!

    It would mean the world to me if you checked out my new beauty blog, and if you liked it, became a member.

    I'm looking forward to your future posts and a big congratulations for being nonminated for the Liebster Award.

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  6. The Rimmel eyeshadow looks really pretty! x